Belgian radio station NRJ going full audio over IP (AoIP) last week once again proofs the need to have a futureproof on-air solution. Next to being futureproof, AoIP is the most cost-effective way of broadcasting. No matter how you broadcast nowadays, AoIP should be a part of your solution.

At Dutch station Qmusic they made the shift a while back. Why? Simple: “Everything has changed from analogue cables to IP. We changed our studio and there is almost no copper cable anymore in the room”, says Chief Engineer Jaap van ‘t Riet. “We made everything audio and GPIO over IP. We now have a more reliable system. It’s more cost-efficient and it’s much more flexible.”

By the way, we not only support protocols like Dante (DHD), but also Ravenna (LAWO) and Livewire+ (Axia). For GPIO over IP OmniPlayer supports e.g. DHD Global Logics, Ember+ and LiveWire+.

Scalability of AoIP

Because IP is used, no more large pieces of equipment at the same location are needed. This reduces the possibilities of a single point of failure so systems stay online and, more importantly, on-air. Besides that, our clients tell us they love the scalability of AoIP. Also it is easy to configure. For smaller configurations we support the D&R Airence and Airlite mixing console with audio and GPIO over USB.

OmniPlayer is designed to keep the technical environment transparent and help users concentrate on the quality of programming. All modules integrate comfortably with one another. The end result is a single system for the entire radio station that does exactly what each department in the radio station needs the system to do.

Or as Jaap van ‘t Riet puts it: “Broadcasting 24/7 with no silence, that’s important for us. Thanks to OmniPlayer we now have a more reliable system.”

We’re happy to help, Jaap!

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