The radio studios used by Journalism students at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU) are fully operational with OmniPlayer over IP, using LiveWire+. This meets the high demands they set, when they started radio production from their new state of the art radio studios in Utrecht. The old studio, although cosy, needed an upgrade as the equipment and software that was in use didn’t match current workplace standards. Student’s jaws dropped when they saw the new studio for the first time and photos were sent to fellow classmates telling them to come and have a look as quickly as possible.

The old studios were traditional, both in tools and workflows. This no longer met the expectations of what a radio journalist should be capable of. With the use of OmniPlayer over IP with LiveWire+, students at the HU now have an advantage over other students. The new studios have another big advantage: the appearance. According to the students, technicians and lecturers it isn’t just the equipment that now is modern and professional, but the whole department now looks modern and professional. The integration with the rest of the audio in the building of University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is also new. When there is a live show, it is now possible to have this broadcasted throughout the whole building over IP.