On all kinds of radio forums there is a lot of speculation about what the radio landscape will look like in the future. How do you remain relevant as a station for the constantly changing listener habits? How do you ensure that you know how to create value for listeners through new services and platforms?

Today's listener comes into contact with a radio station in many different ways. Almost everyone tunes in to the radio in the car, and at workplaces in most cases a (music) channel is playing somewhere in the background. Whether this is via FM, DAB + or online, the ways to listen are countless.

At OmniPlayer we are constantly discussing how we can continue to serve the ever-changing listener habits via our radio automation software. Almost always in consultation with our customers, because you may think you came up with the most brilliant solution, it must of course be relevant enough to work with.

One of the ways to bind listeners is through podcasts.

In fact, if even Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg decides to start podcasting, you can no longer ignore the fact of its importance.

With OmniPlayer it is very easy to automatically export titles and convert them to multiple channels thanks to our several multi channel solutions. For example, you can assign various podcast profiles to all kinds of categories in our database. You can also easily drag, place and save titles into one of these categories, after which the OmniPlayer Podcast Publisher exports, converts and publishes these titles, and then places them on one or more of your podcast channels.

OmniPlayer is a real content factory that makes it possible for radio stations to publish content across multiple platforms. Think of Facebook, Twitter, iTunes and various other podcast channels. Sound processing, standardization, conversion of sound files and uploading of content to different platforms are all handled automatically in the background. You don't have to wait, you can continue working.

Are you curious about how you can take advantage of the flexibility that OmniPlayer has to offer your radio station? Then we look forward to giving you a live demo when you visit our stand at the IBC2019 show in Amsterdam (13-17 September). You don't want to wait that long and would like to take action right away? Feel free to contact us directly.