DAB+ no longer is a promise for the future; its share is increasing throughout Europe. The growth already exceeds expectations.

Last week we wrote about the launch of a new initiative from Belgian theme channel Q-Maximum Hits online and via DAB+. The use of DAB+ itself wasn’t a novelty because the radio market in Belgium was already encouraged by the government to get ready for the fully digital DAB+ era. Also in the Netherlands all major stations (public and commercial) are set for the change. To see how ready exactly, have a look at this video in which well-known Dutch DJs call out to listen to "the new sound of radio".

In Germany, the growth figures have been public since this week. They show that 7% of the daily audio range (3.76 million Germans) is attributable to DAB+. This is now less than the share of the online listener, but, DAB+ users listen almost 50 minutes longer each day. The difference in age is also striking. Online listening is popular within the 30- age groups. The 30+ groups make considerably more use of the digital successor of FM.

DAB+ keeps expanding

To the east of Germany Polish public broadcaster Polskie Radio is going to expand considerably from 2020 on. They will be growing from 24 to 62 channels. Between 2012 and 2015, the first stations were prepared for the digital age. While this was initially limited to the national stations, detailed plans are now laid out to significantly scale up the use of DAB+ at a regional and local level.

Earlier this year, major steps were taken in Austria, France and Italy. Another side of the DAB+ story is Sweden. In this Scandinavian country, the initiative comes from the broadcasters themselves. There is not yet a requirement from the government that stations must be present on DAB+.

Interesting times ahead for most of, we are sure. Whether you are in a country where governments pressure you to scale up, or where fierce competition offers you no other possibility. DAB+ has taken off and is fully on the loose.

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