Radio is all about connecting people. Nowadays radio stations can do much more than just using the FM band to broadcast radio programmes. Internet radio is getting more and more popular and radio stations need to be visible on social media like Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Multichannel and smart radio are the buzz words that have been around for quite some time now.

OmniPlayer fully understands the wants and needs of everybody involved in radio broadcasting. That’s why everyone from DJs, journalists, presenters, producers and broadcast engineers to station managers, IT specialists, music directors, sales managers and CEOs love working with it.

What does and doesn't work

For instance at Dutch public broadcaster NPO it is important that they are active on social media. ‘It’s just part of people’s lives’, they say. ‘At NPO we experiment a lot with that. We have our own app. But sometimes we are so busy experimenting, with finding out what works, that we forget we have a million listeners listening to us right now. So what’s important to us is that we really know what works, and what doesn’t.’

NPO is the leading public broadcaster in The Netherlands. Telling stories on different platforms is becoming increasingly important for them. OmniPlayer enables DJ’s and journalists to reach their audiences on these platforms.

It takes excellent organisation to put out a smoothly flowing radio show that seamlessly integrates every type of content, especially when that content is being created and updated while you’re on air.

Our customers tell us that Multi-channel storytelling is a great option provided by OmniPlayer. It makes sure that with one click of a button, the content is uploaded to every social media platform. So the DJ can continue and focus on their show.

Do you want to know more about how we can help you face the future without any worries? Then check out our features that for sure will improve your life as a radio professional. Check out OmniPlayer